Sl No Activity Class Date Coordinator(s) Venue
1 COLOURS DAY CELEBRATION NUR-UKG 13th April, 2023 (Thursday) Class Teachers Classroom
2 PARAGRAPH WRITING ON DR. B.R. AMBEDKAR VI-VIII 13th April, 2023 (Thursday) Language Teachers Classroom
3 HOUSE MEET (AFTER RECESS) II-XII 17th April, 2023 (Monday) House Masters
4 PRESENTATION ON EARTH DAY V-VI 24th April, 2023 (Monday) Hobby Teachers
5 TALENT CONTEST (SINGING) II-XII 2nd May, 2023 (Tuesday) Prakriti Ghosh Auditorium
6 TALENT CONTEST (RECITATION) II-XII 3rd May, 2023 (Wednesday) Oindrila Biswas Auditorium
7 TALENT CONTEST (DANCE) II-XII 8th May, 2023 (Monday) Kamal Auditorium
8 RABINDRA JAYANTI CELEBRATION ALL 9thMay, 2023 (Tuesday) Activity-In-Charge Open stage
9 FATHER’S DAY CELEBRATION LKG 27th June, 2023 (Tuesday) Class Teacher Classroom
10 ECO CLUB ACTIVITY AND HEALTH AND WELLNESS CLUB 3rd July, 2023 (Monday) Club-In-Charge Auditorium
11 WORLD NATURE CONSERVATION DAY MODELS III-V 27th July, 2023 (Thursday) Science Teachers Auditorium
12 HIROSHIMA NAGASAKI DAY (SEMINAR/PRESENTATION) VII-VIII 4th August, 2023 (Friday) Social Science Teachers Auditorium
13 SKIT ON QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT IX-XII 9th August, 2023 (Wednesday) Social Science Teachers Auditorium
14 INDEPENDENCE DAY ALL 15th August, 2023 (Tuesday) Activity-In-Charge Open stage
15 TEACHER’S DAY CELEBRATION ALL 5th September, 2023 (Tuesday) Activity-In-Charge Open stage
16 JANMASTAMI CELEBRATION PRE-PRIMARY 7th September, 2023 (Thursday) Class Teachers Auditorium
17 GRAND PARENTS DAY/ GANESH CHATURTHI UKG 13th September, 2023 (Wednesday) Class Teacher Auditorium
18 VEGETABLE PAINTING NUR-UKG 15th September, 2023 (Friday) Class Teacher Classroom
19 AGAMANI PROGRAM ALL 17th October, 2023 (Tuesday) Hobby Teachers Auditorium
20 NATIONAL UNITY DAY CELEBRATION ALL 31st October, 2023 (Tuesday) Activity-In-Charge Auditorium
21 `CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATION ALL 9th November, 2023 (Thursday) Activity-In-Charge Auditorium
22 RANGOLI COMPETITION /POT PAINTING/ DIYA PAINTING ALL 10th November, 2023 (Friday) Art Teacher Auditorium
23 ANNUAL CONCERT ALL 2nd December, 2023 (Saturday)
24 CHRISTMAS DAY CELEBRATION ALL 22nd December, 2023 (Friday) Art Teacher Open stage
25 REPUBLIC DAY OBSERVATION ALL 26th January, 2024 (Friday) Activity-In-Charge Open stage
26 CRAFT ACTIVITY 1st February, 2024 (Thursday) Art Teacher Auditorium
27 SARASWATI PUJA CELEBRATION ALL 14th February, 2024 (Wednesday)
28 CELEBRATION OF MATRI BHASA DIWAS ALL 21st February, 2024 (Wednesday) Hobby Teachers Auditorium