07.04.22 THU Speaker Engagement- Health Day.
11.04.22 MON nter House Board Decoration : Bengali New Year (paragraph writing B.R. Ambedkar vi-viii).
13.04.22 WED Colour Day (NUR,LKG,UKG).
21.04.22 THU Inter House kho kho - Boys & Girls (secondary section).
22.04.22 FRI Presentation on Earth Day - vii & viii
02.05.22 MON Board decoration on Rabindra Jayanti.
05.05.22 THU Tallent contest : Debate on topic Thelassemiya & Mother'sDay Celebration L.K.G
06.05.22 FRI Tallent Contest : Recitation (class-I to x)
09.05.22 MON Rabindra Jayanti celebration NUR-UKG & IX,X
17.06.22 FRI Inter House carrom & chess competiition (vii-x) Father's Day for (UKG).
21.06.22 TUE Celebration of Internation at yoga Day (I-X).
26.06.22 SUN Board decoration seminar on International Day against Drug abuse (IX-X)
28.06.22 TUE Inter House kabaddi tournament (secondary onwards)
04.07.22 MON Eco club activity
11.07.22 MON Inter House Board Decoration : world population day.
22.07.22 FRI Inter House Football Tournament (secondary onwards)
28.07.22 THU World Nature conservation day Model represntation (III-V)
06.08.22 SAT Hiroshima Nagasaki Day (seminar/presentation viii-ix) Board decoration a Quit India Movement ix-x
11.08.22 THU Rakhi making activity for NUR- UKG
18.08.22 THU Janmastami celebration only NUR-I
19.09.22 MON Vegetable printing (NUR to UKG)
26.09.22 MON Card Making for Durga Pija (NUR to UKG)
27.09.22 TUE Inter House Throw ball (selected students)
18.10.22 TUE Painting
21.10.22 FRI Rangoli/pot painting/Diya painting (NUR-XII)
05.11.22 SAT Inter house football tournament secondary onwards
07.11.22 MON Science Exhibition on the birth anniversary of Dr. c.v . Raman
13.04.23 THU Colours day (NUR- UKG), Inter House decoration (Paragraph Writing B.R Ambedkar VI- VIII) Syllabus Distribution
20.04.23 Thu Inter House KHO-KHO (VIII-X)
24.04.23 MON Presentation on Earth day (V-VI)
26.04.23 WED Inter House Throw Ball (IX-X)
02.05.23 TUE Talent Contest (Singing)
03.05.23 WED Talent Contest (Recitation)
04.05.23 THU Board decoration on Rabindra Jayanti (VI-VIII)
08.05.23 MON Talent Contest (Dance)
09.05.23 TUE Rabindra Jayanti Celebration
26.06.23 MON Inter House Carram & Chess Competition (VII-X),Inter House Board Decoration against Drug Abuse
27.06.23 TUE Father’s Day Celebration LKG
03.07.23 MON Eco Club activity and Healthy and Wellness club
05.07.23 WED Inter House Football Tournament Boys (secondary onwards)
06.07.23 THUS Inter House Football Tournament Girls (secondary onwards)
11.07.23 TUE Board Decoration (Population Day XI-XII)
11.07.23 TUE Board Decoration (Population Day XI-XII)
27.07.23 THU World Nature Conservation Day Models III-V
04.08.23 FRI>/td> Hiroshima Nagasaki Day (Seminar / Presentation VII- VIII)
09.08.23 WED Skit on Quit India Movement (IX-XII)
11.08.23 FRI Rakhi Making Activity For (NUR-UKG)
14.08.23 MON Board Decoration On Independence Day
29.08.23 TUE National Sports Day
07.09.23 THU Janmastami Celebration (Pre-Primary)
13.09.23 WED Grand Parents Day UKG/Ganesh Chaturthi
15.09.23 FRI Vegetables Painting (NUR-UKG),
22.09.23 FRI Inter House Kabadi Tournament
10.10.23 TUE Sports Selection 2024 Hits
09.11.23 THU Chidrens Day Celebration
10.11.23 FRI Rangoli Competition/Pot Painting/ Diya Painting
01.12.23 FRI Stage REharsal /world Aids Day (VIII-IX)
06.12.23 WED Javaline Throw
12.12.23 TUE Inter House Basket Ball (IX-XII)
01.02.24 THU Craft Activity
21.02.24 WED Celebration of Matri Bhasa Diwas